Where to start?

Writing vows can indeed be a challenging task. However, as part of my services, I offer assistance in crafting these crucial expressions of love and commitment. Whether you want to share your vows with your partner before the big day or keep it as a heart-warming surprise, I'm here to guide you. I also review both sets of vows in advance to ensure a seamless fit and flow during the ceremony. This ensures your vows not only capture your individual feelings but also create a harmonious message of love and commitment on your special day. Below are some tips and tricks to help you on your way.

Creating your wedding vows can seem daunting, but remember, they're simply a way for you to express your love, commitment, and vision for your shared future with your partner. Here are some steps and tips to guide you through this beautiful process:

1. Start Early: Begin writing your vows at least a month before the wedding to give yourself plenty of time to reflect, write, and revise.

2. Find Your Inspiration: Read a variety of wedding vows (traditional, non-traditional, religious, etc.) to get an idea of what appeals to you. Consider the tone you want for your vows; should they be romantic, humorous, poetic, or a combination?

3. Reflect on Your Relationship: Think about what makes your relationship unique. What do you love most about your partner? When did you realize you wanted to spend your life with them? How have they changed your life? Use these reflections to guide your vow writing.

4. Make Promises: Vows are all about making promises to your partner. These could be broad (like promising to love and cherish your partner in sickness and in health) or very specific to your relationship (like promising to always make them their favourite breakfast on Sunday mornings).

5. Keep It Personal but Relatable: Your vows should be deeply personal, but remember that they will be shared in front of your friends and family. Aim for the right balance between sharing your love story and keeping your audience engaged.

6. Keep It Brief: As a general rule, aim for your vows to be about one to two minutes long when spoken out loud. This is enough time to make your promises and express your love, without overwhelming yourself or your guests.

7. Write It Down: Don't rely on memory for this moment. Write your vows down and practice reading them out loud to get a sense of how they sound and to calm any nerves.

8. Revise and Refine: Don't hesitate to make changes to your vows. This is a creative process, and it's perfectly okay to revise and refine until your vows feel right.

9. Seek Feedback: If you're comfortable doing so, have a trusted friend or family member read your vows and provide feedback.

10. Practice Makes Perfect: Practice your vows to get comfortable with the flow and rhythm. This will help you feel more confident when it's time to deliver them on your big day.

Remember, there's no "right way" to write your vows. They should reflect who you are, who you both are as a couple, and the commitment you're making to each other. This is your moment to express your love and dedication to your partner in your own words. Embrace the process and speak from the heart.


Still stuck on how to start? Look at the samples below:

Sample One

From the moment our paths crossed, you've fascinated me, challenged me, frustrated, and improved me in ways no person has done before. And I have fallen in love with you again and again. I promise to cherish and respect you through all the changes of our lives, in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy.

I promise to stand by your side, to dance with you in times of celebration, and to hold you when trials weigh on your heart. I promise to make you laugh when life gets too serious, to adventure with you, to grow with you, and to nurture our love so that it continues to blossom in the years to come.

I promise to hold our relationship above all else, to stay devoted, understanding, and patient. I will strive to be open and honest with you, to forgive you as you forgive me, to inspire you, and to comfort you in times of need.

I promise to always remember that our love story is my favorite, and every day with you is a chapter I look forward to. I promise to love and cherish you, to keep you close, and with faithfulness, to be your shelter in the storm and your peace in uncertainty.

And lastly, I promise to remember that neither of us is perfect, but strive to remind myself of the ways we are perfect for each other. As I give you my hand to hold, I give you my life to keep.

Today, tomorrow, and always.

Sample Two

Today, before our loved ones, I take you to be my partner in life. I am proud to be your partner, and to join my life with yours. I vow to support you, push you, inspire you, and above all love you, for better or worse, in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, as long as we both shall live.

I promise to stand by your side in the sunniest of days and the darkest of nights, to comfort you in times of hardship, and to rejoice with you in times of happiness. I promise to listen to you with compassion and understanding, and to speak to you with encouragement and truth.

I promise to be your biggest fan, your partner in crime, your companion in adventure, and your ally in conflict. I promise to create and support a family with you, in a household filled with laughter, patience, understanding, and love.

I promise to cherish you, to protect you, and to be patient with you. I promise to respect you as an individual, a partner, and an equal, knowing that we do not complete, but complement each other.

As we step into the unknown future, hand in hand, I am comforted because I know there is nothing we can't face if we stand together. Today, and all the days of my life, I promise you my deepest love, my fullest devotion, my most tender care.

And above all, I promise to never forget this sacred commitment, made in love. Today, and for all the days of my life.

Vows in action

Congratulations to Helen & Jimmy who I married earlier this year, below is a video crafted by The Pepper June Wedding Co: